Spring 2018 Auditions!

The Callbaxx A Cappella's Spring 2018 auditions will be held at these times and locations:

Monday 1/29: 6-9pm in Lincoln 117
Tuesday 1/30: 8-11pm in Lincoln 140
Wednesday 1/31: 8-11pm in Lincoln 140

These are time blocks, you are able to come at any time within the time block. Your actual audition with us should last around 10 minutes. Come early during the time block to shorten your waiting time and make sure you'll be able to audition on the day best for you!

What YOU Need to Know

Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester.  At your first audition, we'll take you through a series of scales, pitch-matching, and ask you to pick notes out of some chords.  We also ask that you prepare a short (30-60 second) solo for this first audition.  We love all different voices and styles, so don't hesitate to come out and give it a shot!   

If you're called back, congratulations! We hold the second round of auditions later in the week, and we ask that you prepare another, slightly longer solo of a different genre for this round.  In addition, we get to know you and hear how you sound with rest of the group!  

Some Audition Advice... 

  • Come prepared.  Of course you'll be nervous, everyone is!  The best thing you can do to make a good impression is to practice, practice, practice. You're much less likely to make a mistake on something you've done a thousand times, and you're also going to be more confident!
  • Always trust your instinct.  If you're stuck (and only if you're stuck--don't just start singing things willy-nilly!!) on one of the pitch-matching or chord exercises, just sing the first note that comes to mind.  Even if it's not right it'll make you less flustered and look better than asking us to repeat the notes. But you're musical! Trust your gut.  
  • Loosen up your vocal chords.  Warm up before you come into the audition room.  We go through scales with you at the beginning just in case you haven't, but those are also considered an important part of your audition and warming up is important for both your sound and your vocal health.  It'll make all the difference when you're belting out those high notes!
  • Love what you sing! Don't worry about trying to impress us with an over-the-top Christina Aguilera solo (but, by all means, if you can sing it - do it).  If you're more comfortable singing something jazzy and slow then do it!  You know when you sound good on a song, and we'll know too.
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Written by Lisa Levine