Meet the Baxx

  • Grace Winant

    President, Skits

    Grace is joining us from Westchester, New York, where she is a Christmas music fanatic and thrives from her infamous baking business, The Sugar Bowl (ig:the_sugar_bowl). Her love of Kristen Wiig and chobani without fruit on the bottom made her an excellent candidate when transferring into the AEM major this year. Grace joined the Callbaxx in the spring of 2016 and has since been mystifying us with her beautiful alto tone. Come hear her sing... there may even be cookies!
  • Nitya Kasturi

    Music Director, Skits

    Nitya is from Palo Alto, California and joined the Callbaxx in the fall of 2015. She is a sophomore in the College of Engineering studying Computer Science. Nitya has been singing and playing piano from a young age, and usually jams on the piano or watches an insane amount of TV in her free time.
    Solos: Real Love, Baxxies Back Mash up, Ain't No Other Man
  • Ellie O'Reilly

    Treasurer, Assistant Music Director, Skits, ACAC Rep

    Ellie joined the Callbaxx this fall and was born and raised just outside D.C. in Northern Virginia. She is a freshman in the college of Arts and Sciences and hopes to study English or History. In addition to having a phenomenal voice, Ellie has been belly dancing for seven years (whoa), is a huge Washington Nationals fan, and played Ariel in her high school’s production of the Little Mermaid. I wanna be part of her world. Solos: Call Me Cinderella, Baxxies Back Mash up
  • Rebecca Vincent

    Secretary, Webmaster, Recording Development, Skits

    Rebecca is from Palo Alto, California and joined the Callbaxx in fall 2014. She is a junior this year, and studies Material Science and Engineering, with a minor in creative writing. One of Rebecca’s many interesting talents is that she can produce sounds with her mouth that sound exactly like a trumpet…how cool is that? She is also a super talented rock climber. Rebecca rocks! Pun intended.
    Solos: Why Georgia, Say Something/I Won't Give Up, Technicolor Beat (harmony), Baxxies Back Mash up, Blue Eyes Blind, Bills Bills Bills/Boy, Worth It (Trumpet), Fly Me to the Moon (Trumpet)
  • Delilah Siegel

    Business Manager, PR Team, Skits, ACAC Rep

    Delilah hails from Brooklyn, NYC, where she's lived her whole life. She is in her freshman year in the College of Arts and Sciences; she joined the Callbaxx in Fall of 2016. Delilah is talented in a multitude of ways, including playing the piano, drums, and guitar (which helped her steal the show in her all-female rock band in high school), and making amazing gluten free brownies! Solos: Why Georgia (harmony)
  • Sarah Miller

    PR Lead, Alumnae Chair

    Sarah joined the Callbaxx her fall semester freshman year, Fall 2013. Sarah is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, studying Information Science with minors in Business and Spanish. She is Brooklyn born and bred. She loves vietnamese food, belting in the car with the windows down, listening to NPR, and really good coffee.
    Solos: Technicolor Beat, Baxxies Back Mash up, Roses, Real Life (Harmony), No Diggity, Gravity, Cry Me, Concrete Wall
  • Claire Kao

    PR Team, Social

    Claire is a freshman studying sociology and joined the Callbaxx in Fall 2016. She is from the west coast (best coast!), and lives in Dana Point California. Claire is one of our altos and also rocks at beat boxing. She's also a super talented athlete and is a member of the track and field team, loves to go to concerts and is obsessed with Harry Potter. Claire is always making rehearsals more fun with her silliness and high energy!
  • Naomi Raymond

    Concert Master

    Hailing locally from here in Ithaca, Naomi Raymond joined the Callbaxx in Fall 2013 and has since been an amazing addition to the group. She is now a senior at Cornell and studies Music in CAS. Naomi's extensive knowledge and formal training in music and music theory is a HUGE asset to our group. She can always find a pitch, correct a phrase, or have great constructive criticism to help us out. Most importantly, Naomi can hit powerful, rich low notes that practically redefine the "Alto Two" range. Naomi was an amazing Music Director for three semesters!
    Solos: The Chain, I Wanna Get Better, Sure Thing, Winter Song
  • Madeline Ling

    Choreo, Social

    Madeline comes to us from sunny Southern California and has been with the Callbaxx since Fall 2013. She is a senior at Cornell and studies Psychology in the College of Arts & Sciences. Madeline is always on top of her game and ready to speak up for her beliefs -- two things that made her an aca-awesome President last year! She is also the CallbaXX's #1 sweetheart with the voice of an angel... and she's a pretty great hugger from what I've heard.
    Solos: Happy, Worth it (rap)
  • Dana Schmidt

    Alumnae Chair

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Dana does. Dana Schmidt is a goofy, humble, and incredibly talented grrrl with enormous energy and lots of creativity. She studies ESS in CALS. She joined The Callbaxx in Fall 2013 and is now a senior graduating this spring. Dana's sultry voice is... well... just listen to Wrecking Ball.
    Solos: Say Something/I Won't Give Up, Kiss Kiss, Baxxies Back Mashup, The Chain, Wrecking Ball, Concrete Wall, Bang Bang Bang, You Make My Dreams Come True
  • Grace Smith

    Grace joined the Callbaxx Spring 2016 and comes to us from a town right outside Albany. When Grace isn’t with the Callbaxx she can be found high jumping for the Cornell Track and Field team (she is a 2 time New York State Champion, whhhhaaatttt) or yodeling. You also might know her from when she held the door for you for an awkwardly long time, but it’s her pet peeve when people don’t hold doors so she wont let that go (literally). Grace not only increases the average height of the Callbaxx by quite a bit, but also adds humor and energy to the group!
    Solos: Don't it Feel Good, Geek in the Pink (Harmony)
  • Julia Dorn

    Julia is from Glen Ellyn, Illinois and has been with us since she joined the Callbaxx in Fall 2014! She is a junior studying biology and hopes to continue her studies in neurobiology in the future. Her many talents include whistling like a bird and doodling masterpieces in all of her notebooks. Julia's calm, sweet composure is simply contagious and she adds so much to the CallbaXX!
    Solos: Baxxies Back Mash up, Geek in the Pink, The Chain, How Come (harmony), Sorry (harmony), Real Love (harmony), It's Only, Bang Bang Bang (harmony)
  • Jacqueline Pecaro

    Jac is from Gig Harbor, Washington, but was born and raised in South Florida. Jacqueline joined the Callbaxx in Fall 2014. She is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Government with minors in Law & Society and Theater. Jacqueline began singing when she was five years old. She’s one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet, but also has a voice so powerful it turns heads. Jacqueline is also a certified PADI Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver.
    Solos: Call Me Cinderella, How Come, Baxxies Back Mash up, Real Life, Don't It Feel Good (Harmony), Ain't No Other Man (Harmony), Sure Thing, Blank Space
  • Carly Steckel

    Carly hails from Westport, Connecticut and is a Junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Business. She has been a member of the Callbaxx since Fall 2014. When not singing, Carly is either rapping (better than any chick you've ever heard--yes, including Nicki Minaj), casually doing freelance work as a makeup artist (what?!), or working on one of her many henna tattoo masterpieces... like honestly can this girl get any cooler???
    Solos: Pretty Girl Rock, Baxxies Back Mash up, Sorry, Worth It, Kiss Kiss (rap), Wings, I Wanna Get Better, 1 2 Step
  • Jordan Parés-Kane

    Jordan is a talented junior studying Environmental Science and Sustainability, with a minor in Latino studies. She enjoys Latin dance and participates in Sabor Latino, a Latin dance team on campus. When she's not singing with the Callbaxx or busting out some moves, she enjoys outdoorsy activities and traveling the world! Solos: Hell No, Baxxies Back Mash up
  • Lovisa Palmér

    Lovisa joined the Callbaxx in the spring of 2017. She is from Stockholm, Sweden - but has also lived in both Singapore and San Diego (she is a hard lady to keep track of). Lovisa is in her senior year and is studying Environmental Science and Sustainability in CALS. She has one brother but you wouldn’t know it because they look nothing alike. Lovisa claims that she can’t whistle, BUT that’s ok because her beautiful singing voice makes up for it.
  • Tess Manning

    Tess joined the Callbaxx this spring from Hyde Park, New York, where she studied at FD Roosevelt High School. She is a freshman in the CALS studying Biology and Society. She is one of our sopranos and has many interesting talents; in addition to being a phenomenal singer and playing the violin, she used to raise pigs and show them at the county fair (how cool?)! Tess is an amazing addition to the group - besides having a wonderful voice, she is also an awesome beatboxer! She has already beat boxed in Why Georgia and we look forward to hear more solos!
  • Christian Higham

    Christian is from Winnipeg, Canada and she joined the Callbaxx in the spring of 2017. She is a sophomore here at Cornell and she is studying Government in the College of Arts and Sciences. In her free time, Christian plays guitar, ukulele, piano, and she's currently learning to play the violin. She also played ice hockey during her freshman year (I mean, duh, she's Canadian). She is a fabulous beatboxer and makes a lovely addition to the group!